Business of the Year
Colonel Beer
Jamil Haddad
Woman Entrepreneur of the Year
Le Potager
Zeina Khoury Daoud
People’s Choice Award
Ecole maternelle – Bébés Câlins
Rita Abboud
Finalists - Business of The Year
La Rose De Sim - Rajaa Habache
Business of the Year
La Rose de Sim is about nostalgia. It is a celebration of love; that of Simon "Sim" and his beautiful beloved Marie Rose "Rose", whose love blossomed in the early seventies, Lebanon's golden age. After their passing, their son decided to eternalize their love by launching a lifestyle concept that commemorates their joyful and perpetually young spirit during the golden years. And so, La Rose de Sim was born, and with it a need to revive Lebanon's glorious past when authenticity, optimism and love of life reigned.
Genius MAP - Hadi Hamza
Business of the Year
Established in 2007, by Dr. Hadi Hamza, Genius MAP was first launched in Lebanon. Today, the program is taught in over 150 licensed centers and schools all over Lebanon, GCC & Europe. Genius MAP works on developing and enriching the whole brain of the student which eventually leads to a well-rounded personality and an inner desire to excel. It is tailored to the needs and interests of every student regardless of his/her ability level and learning style. The program walks side by side with the school curriculum without overloading the students; whilst helping students comprehend and exceed expectations at school.
Colonel Beer - Jamil Haddad
Business of the Year
Built on international standards and named after the popular Windsurfers' spot in Batroun, Colonel is a microbrewery that has fostered the production and culture of high quality craft beer in Lebanon since its opening in the summer of 2014. The Colonel which consists of a microbrewery, brewpub, restaurant and beer garden welcomes beer enthusiasts all year long and hosts a variety of musical, cultural, and sports events that complement the Colonel's unique beer concept.
Maroun Chedid SAL - Maroun Chedid
Business of the Year
Maroun is the founder of Maroun Chedid SAL, a company that offers culinary consulting services and specialty catering in Lebanon, Monaco, India, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. In 2016, he launched the brand ‘Georgette by Maroun Chedid’, inspired by his mother; the brand celebrates the best of Lebanon’s bountiful terroir. His future projects include the opening of the restaurant, Ritage by Maroun Chedid, a cooking academy as well as a concept store set to open by April 2017.
Phoenus - Nicolas Abouchaar
Business of the Year
Phoenus manufactures innovative mobility equipment, for leisure and transport purposes, ranging from modular children tricycles (triclus), children push bikes (twiclus) and cars (quatrus), pedal-driven children carousel (octopus) to leaning sledges (skionic) and light-weight electric vehicles (e-clus) for adults.
Eco Village Dr. B. Hassoun Khan Al Saboun - Badr Hassoun
Business of the Year
Since 1480, Khan Al Saboun has been known for its achievements and success in providing its customers with their needs and accommodating their different tastes. In 1990, Khan Al Saboun prospered with Mr. Badr Hassoun who employed his creativity, hard work, and expertise in producing a diversity of soaps, perfumes, oils, creams and skin care products attracting customers from all over the world.
Finalists - Woman Entrepreneur of The Year
Mes Petites Ballerines - Pamela Jabbour
Woman Entrepreneur of the Year
Mes Petites Ballerines was founded in 2014 as a footwear company that focuses on making comfortable and stylish shoes for girls starting the age of 1. The company started mainly by selling in local fairs with a simple product line of ballerinas at affordable prices. Over the past 2 years, the company expanded its product line to include loafers, sandals, bags, accessories and apparel for girls. For every shoe the company sells, a portion of the proceeds is donated to charity.
Claire Damaa Group - Claire Damaa
Woman Entrepreneur of the Year
CLAIRE DAMAA group is a high-end lingerie company founded by Lebanese fashion journalist Claire Damaa while based in Paris. Claire started her career as a fashion journalist with hit TV shows on NEW TV & FASHION TV Arabia that became references in the Middle East for luxury and fashion.
MSCA sal - Christelle Yared
Woman Entrepreneur of the Year
MSCA is a leader in the national and regional VIP armored vehicle industry. It is founded with the objective of producing advanced and luxurious Armored Vehicles while increasing personal security, preserving high quality standards, and a Fortress On Wheels. MSCA is a boutique that tailors clients’ security requirements, exceeds international standards and takes care of the smallest details that are crucial for the protection of passengers.
Le Potager - Zeina Khoury Daoud
Woman Entrepreneur of the Year
Le Potager Bio is the evolution of Le Potager SARL which is a family business founded in 1994 by the twin sisters Zeina and Myrna Khoury. The goal of Le Potager Bio is to introduce consumers to a range of 100% organic herbs, fruits and vegetables. Le Potager Bio uses organic farming and is free of pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers and additives. It is certified by CCPB. The result is healthy products and less impact on the environment.
Ecole maternelle – Bébés Câlins - Rita Abboud
Woman Entrepreneur of the Year
The child comes first: Bébés Câlins offers a reception service and quality education, welcoming children aged 1 to 5 years. Personnel, support, educational programs, development or activities, hygiene, safety and welfare of children all lie at the heart of the nursery’s concerns. It strives to offer children what is best to ensure their overall development and enable them to live their childhood with the highest levels of happiness and respect.
Heart to Heart - Reem Al Banna
Woman Entrepreneur of the Year
Cofounders Hanan and Dalal Tabbara created the Heart to Heart brand out of their passion for creating beautiful handmade arrangements for wedding and new born receptions. Twenty years after its founding, the company still operates from the showroom in Beirut. Its website and social media platforms serve as a worldwide virtual extension of the brand.
Press Release
BLC Bank rewards Lebanese entrepreneurs for the fifth year in a row through the Brilliant Lebanese Awards
Mr. Sehnaoui: “We are committed to supporting Lebanese SMEs”
Mr. Kassar: “We aim to provide nationwide exposure to entrepreneurs.”

Beirut, December 7th, 2016 – Within its commitment to support small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and female entrepreneurs, BLC Bank has organized for the fifth year in a row the Brilliant Lebanese Awards, the first banking award of its kind in Lebanon. The event took place at the Casino du Liban on December 6th and gathered prominent figures from economic, banking and media sectors. It is during this ceremony that the Awards winners were unveiled. Mr. Jamil Haddad (Colonel Beer) won the “Business of the year” award while Ms. Zeina Khoury Daoud (Le Potager) was elected “Woman entrepreneur of the year”. They received a cash prize of USD 30,000 each. As for the People’s Choice Award, it was won by Rita Abboud (Bébés câlins – Ecole maternelle) . She received a cash prize of USD 5,000.

Entrepreneurs participating in the Brilliant Lebanese Awards make their way through various stages, receiving training, advice and, guidance from jury members who assess the finalists’ businesses according to the following criteria: Financial performance of the company (30%), Creativity of the Business (30%), Sustainability and Scalability (25%) and its Corporate Social Responsibility (15%). The jury gathers a panel of independent professionals including representatives from Banque du Liban, the Lebanese American University, Endeavor Lebanon, Kafalat, The Lebanese Businessmen Association (RDCL), and BLC Bank as well as prominent male and female entrepreneurs.

On that occasion, the Chairman General Manager of BLC Bank Mr. Maurice Sehnaoui stated: “Through the Brilliant Lebanese Awards, we are confirming once again our commitment to support SMEs that account for 93% of the country’s enterprises. We also believe in empowering women economically and strengthening their role in the Lebanese economy as a strategic partner that represents 50% of the population. As a matter of fact, studies show that an exhaustive inclusion of women in the MENA economy would increase the region’s GDP by around 25%.”

In his turn, the Deputy Chairman and General Manager of BLC Bank Mr. Nadim Kassar stated that “the full-fledged financial and non-financial program offered by the Bank to Lebanese SMEs and women has set BLC Bank as an example for best practices as we have to date influenced the creation of more than 25 programs in Banks around the world.”

Kassar added that “the Brilliant Lebanese Awards are not limited to BLC Bank’s clients as we aim to provide nationwide exposure to SMEs coming from different fields and regions, offering them the financial and moral support needed to nurture their businesses, thereby contributing to the growth of the Lebanese economy.”

Many entrepreneurs applied to this year’s edition of the Brilliant Lebanese Awards, with 12 candidates making it to the final selection. For the “Woman entrepreneur of the year”: Rita Abboud (Bébés Calins – Ecole Maternelle), Claire Damaa (Claire Damaa Group), Reem Al Banna (Heart to Heart), Christelle Yared (MSCA), Pamela Jabbour (Mes Petites Ballerines) and Zeina Daoud Khoury (Le Potager). As for the “Business of the year”: Badr Hassoun (Eco Village Khan el Saboun), Rajaa Habache (La Rose de Sim), Jamil Haddad (Colonel Beer), Maroun Chedid (Maroun Chedid SAL), Nicolas Abouchaar (Phoenus) and Hadi Hamza (Genius Map).

The Brilliant Lebanese Awards are considered one of BLC Bank’s main key offerings honoring and rewarding female entrepreneurs and SMEs. The complete value proposition revolves around 4 main pillars: Finance, exposure, training and consultancy.