Business of the Year
Mahmoud EL HAKIM
Woman Entrepreneur of the Year
Cocoa & Co
People’s Choice Award
Finalists - Business of The Year
EYEdeas - Mahmoud El Hakim
Business of the Year
EYEdeas Smart Optics is a Lebanese-born, internationally-grown company founded by Dr. Mahmoud Hakim. EYEdeas has offices in both Beirut and Dubai. EYEdeas deals with Ophthalmic and Optics equipment and designs and manufactures its own house brands in eyewear. Their house brands are Specky, Catalea, Feder, Dynasty, SpicyLook, Flex, and Readers. EYEdeas Sunglasses and Optical frames are sold in France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Poland, Cyprus, UAE, Jordan, and New York and in Lebanon at Mahmoud Hakim Optical Center’s branches.
BIO OIL - Selim Shacra
Business of the Year
"BIO OIL sarl, is a Lebanese Company that was built in the year 2011 and specialist in Used Cooking Oil (UCO) Collection, our obligations is removing used cooking oil from households, restaurants, kitchens, hostels..... in short, from anyone using cooking oil / vegetable oil. The used cooking oil we collect is used as feedstock for environmentally friendly bio-fuels such as bio-diesel and grease Lubricants for industrial/machinery applications for our local, national and international markets."
Fiesta Group sarl - Wissam Al Akkawi
Business of the Year
Since 1994 FIESTA’s inclusive concept was founded to provide unique support serving your events and celebrations. Based on our defined strategy, nine fully fledged departments were developed to be side by side through all your life’s experience; providing quality balloons, trendy wrapping, creative handcrafts, entertaining children programs, outstanding theme-ing and events decoration, amusing FiestaVille venue, couture fake cakes, and dazzling fireworks. Fiesta aims at making each and every business opportunity a valuable relation providing our customers with the latest products of the industry. We are looking forward to provide you with our professional service, quality products, and reliable support. Dealing your business is our pleasure, being your partner in celebration is our identity.
Maasri Holstein - Jirji Maasri
Business of the Year
Maasri Holstein is a family company dedicated to the development of the dairy and veterinary sectors. Maasri Holstein imports: breeding livestock including cattle and goats; frozen semen for artificial insemination; feed additives, milk replacers, breeding and veterinary tools, milking Machines, Milk cooling and Farm equipment; Wild and Leisure Animals. They offer: Health Care; Prophylactic programs; Artificial Insemination; Consultancy in Animal nutrition and farm designs and feasibility studies and training for veterinary students, agriculture engineers & farmers. Maasri Holstein provides consultancy on respecting animal welfare and environmentally friendly, profitable dairy farms and zoological establishments. They also participate in private and governmental tenders.
L’Atelier du Miel - Marc-Antoine Bou Nassif
Business of the Year
L’Atelier du Miel is a Lebanese brand founded by three young and dynamic men with a common passion for nature, craftsmanship, and good taste. L’Atelier du Miel produces across Lebanon more than 40 different types of honey and honey products using only natural and artisanal methods. L’Atelier du Miel’s honey is distinguished by a unique production method that relies on moving the beehives every two to three months to follow flower blossoming seasons, and by doing so allowing the bees to feed only on nectar of flowers and honeydew of trees all year long and so to make 100% natural honey.
Images D'orient - Peggy Dabar
Business of the Year
Images d’Orient is a brand of EUSAMEX created by Charbel Raphael and Peggy Raphael Dabar. Images d’Orient is a contemporary concept paying tribute to the legacy of past civilizations. They believe in a world where diversity is embraced and modern a resonance of ancient. Inspired by their Mediterranean heritage, the designer objects provide a distinctive look, both vintage and futuristic. Each “Images d’Orient” collection has a specific inspiration and carries a story within it!
Finalists - Woman Entrepreneur of The Year
mAc Design - Marcelle Asmar
Woman Entrepreneur of the Year
"Mac Design was founded in 2003 by Marcelle Asmar, founder and creative director of the brand. Mac Design's personalized gold and silver jewelry was the major success of the brand. Mac Design gives a chance for everyone to create a unique piece of jewel at an accessible price. It is possible to engrave names or messages as it is possible to represent a sport or favorite hobby by a special visual. The brand creates four collections per year, inspired by trips around the world. The Christmas and Summer collections are wide in variety while the Autumn and Spring collections are smaller. Finally Mac Design recently expanded its collection with a line of decorative objects and fashion accessories in the same spirit and the same vein as jewelry."
Cocoa & Co - Hala Audi Beydoun
Woman Entrepreneur of the Year
At Cocoa and Co. we put design and innovation at the core of everything we make. In our central Kitch’in we curate edible art, creating amazing cakes, cookies, and desserts for birthdays, corporate events and more, often made to order. The Kitch’in is also a fun venue for kids’ birthday parties and cookie-decorating classes. Our shops in Beirut Souks and Marqet satisfy customer cravings, stocking all-time favorites including our bestselling brownies, cupcakes, and the moreish meringues and Oreo truffles. Recently, our Cookie Monster pop-ups at food fairs has been making waves around the city baking on location wherever we go.
Plant Index - Ghada Kfoury
Woman Entrepreneur of the Year
"Plant index is specialized in landscape engineering design. It is well known that practice make perfect. In case of our field of work, experience makes perfect. This is what our team of employees has. We handle our projects (landscaping, agricultural, irrigation...) From a to z beginning with their studies and ending with their execution and maintenance ( two nursery gardens are settled in baalchmieh and sibline for an area of 15000 m2). A new oulet boutique ""plantes et fleurs"" was born in 2014, it covers floral creation and agricultural services."
Lina Brax - Lina Brax
Woman Entrepreneur of the Year
Linabrax is a handcrafted high end quality women handbags 100% designed and conceptualized in Lebanon.
Inhouse Communications - Jihane Nasrallah
Woman Entrepreneur of the Year
Inhouse communications is a full-fledged creative agency that offers holistic and integrated communications solutions. Established in 2010, we act as an extension of the marketing departments of our clients, tailoring our solutions to meet their deadlines, budgets and objectives. Whether it's a flyer, online activation, TVC or billboard, we make the most out of every opportunity to engage consumers and deliver results. Over the past 5 years, we have helped clients across sectors, including FMCG, banking, real estate, and telecom to grow their brands and have run several awareness campaigns to mobilize the public around important social causes.
Mukagraf - Muriel Moukawem
Woman Entrepreneur of the Year
Mukagraf is a design studio founded by Muriel Moukawem in 2009. The studio produces innovative greeting cards that were the first to use a combination of languages and to break established conventions. Arabic, English and sometimes French expressions are blended within the card message to reflect the contemporary way of communication in the region. This approach makes the cards personalized, easy to relate to and appealing. Mukagraf team has also taken an aesthetic approach to the business, ensuring that they are supplying unique, innovative and high quality greeting cards. Since 2009, Mukagraf have grown its footprint from few points of sale in Lebanon to nearly 60 across the Middle East with plans to keep on growing.
Press Release
Honoring Lebanese Entrepreneurs

BLC Bank Announces the Winners of the Brilliant Lebanese Awards for the Fourth Consecutive Year

Beirut, Lebanon – December 9th, 2015: In the context of their 4th edition of the Brilliant Lebanese Awards (BLA), the first banking award of its kind in Lebanon, BLC Bank held a ceremony on the 8th of December at Casino Du Liban, to honor entrepreneurs, men and women, for proven excellence and success in their fields. The Brilliant Lebanese Awards winners were acknowledged with a cash prize, amounting to USD 60,000 for the 2 categories: Business of the Year and Woman Entrepreneur of the Year, while the winner of the People’s Choice Award received a prize of USD 5,000.
The ceremony recognizes the achievements of entrepreneurs spearheading successful initiatives spanning across different sectors and showing leadership and entrepreneurship skills. This competition is open to the public and gets participants from all over Lebanon. The winners were selected based on financial performance of the company (30%), the creativity of their business (30%), its future sustainability (25%) and the corporate social responsibility (15%) by a panel of independent professionals including representatives from Banque Du Liban, Lebanese American University, Endeavor, IFC, Kafalat, Lebanese Businessmen Association (RDCL), BLC Bank and successful entrepreneurs.

“Through the Brilliant Lebanese Awards we are confirming, once again, our strong belief in local entrepreneurs and women in the economy and are empowering them to achieve success in their field of work, which led BLC Bank to secure a leading percentage of the SME’s market share”, said BLC Bank’s Chairman General Manager Maurice Sehnaoui. “In fact, our SME strategy offers, on top of the financial services and products, learning and development through our technical training, workshops and roadshows; market exposure through networking events and conferences; and last but not least, information and guidance through our consultancy program”, he continued.

Nadim Kassar, the Vice Chairman and General Manager of BLC bank, is proud of the success of BLC bank’s initiatives aiming at empowering and supporting selective entrepreneurs who demonstrate excellence in their field of work. He says: “Entrepreneurs are the backbone of the economy as they promote innovation, create new business opportunities, beef up the demand of employment and contribute to the economic growth. Through the Brilliant Lebanese Award, we are providing entrepreneurs, from all over Lebanon, with a nationwide exposure and with financial support helping them to reach new horizons while stimulating economic growth.”

At the end of the ceremony, Mahmoud El Hakim of Eyedeas was announced winner for the Business of the Year category; Hala Audi Beydoun of Cocoa & Co was awarded the Woman Entrepreneur of the Year and the People’s Choice Award went to Muriel Moukawem of Mukagraf Design.
This year, many entrepreneurs applied to BLA out of which 12 finalists were selected. Businesses included a creative greeting cards designer, home accessories and souvenir items with Mediterranean designs, a jewelry designer, a bakery that specializes in bespoke decorated cakes, a landscaping company, an integrated creative boutique agency, high-quality handcrafted women’s handbags, an optical center that specializes in manufacturing safe glasses for kids, natural honey production, a manufacturer of bio diesel oil and lubricants from recycled cooking oil, a company that provides decoration solutions and entertainment programs for events and a veterinarian that specializes in artificial insemination and farm and stable preparations.
BLA is one aspect of the value proposition that BLC Bank offers to SME’s and women and which consists of 4 pillars: Finance, Exposure, Consultancy and Training.