2017 Finalists
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AURA Headpieces
Carolina Chammas

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Company Description:
Founded in 2012, AURA Headpieces is a pioneer in the hair accessories sector worldwide, specializing in the handmade design, production and distribution of both customized and ready-to-wear hair accessories. Hand-craft has always been at the heart of what they do. Helping to sustain age-old hand-craft techniques and traditions, their beautiful collections showcase truly wonderful work by skilled craftspeople in Lebanon. Their artisanal couture hair accessories offer a curated selection of modern luxe couture hair accessories catered to women all around the world - for evening wear, special occasions and bridal wear.
Today AURA Headpieces is available in major department stores around the world such as New York, Paris, Roma, Berlin, London, Dubai, Kuwait, Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia as well as online on major platforms.

Entrepreneur Biography:
Aura Headpieces is a true Middle Eastern brand designed by Carolina Chammas. During her years working in fashion (Brand Manager for well-established brands), and after having completed a Master's Degree in Fashion Marketing at the Istituto Marangoni Italian fashion school in London as well as certificate courses from Central Saint Martins, Carolina longed for the perfect accessory: a boho-luxe statement headpiece. When she couldn't find exactly what she envisioned, she took matters into her own hands and launched her own brand AURA Headpieces in 2012, which revolves around handmade head couture. AURA Headpieces revolve around a fusion of cultures (introducing Middle Eastern princesses – Greek, Roman, Ottoman and Arabian feminine historical figures – to the West by adding a romantic, fashion forward and contemporary twist). "If you look at important women in history, most of them wore jewelry on their head." The brand also represents a passion for artisanal creation and is a way to communicate Carolina’s vision of fashion, which is represented by a modern, ethnic, adventurous and multicultural AURA girl and a pure celebration of femininity.

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