2017 Finalists
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Nivine Bachir

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Company Description:
Appelite was founded in 2015 by Dietitian Nivine Bachir, and hosts a clinic and a head kitchen. The head kitchen includes a beautiful dine-in space for a healthy bite, while meeting its main purpose of serving meals for the clinic’s patients with special dietary requirements from simply wanting to be thinner to catering more severe cases such as cancer, diabetes, or other metabolic abnormalities. Appelite also bid and won a project in AUB, where she installed 5 healthy vending machines, offering healthy snack products with a one-day shelf life, a one of a kind concept.

Entrepreneur Biography:
Clinical Dietitian and Weight Management Specialist, Nivine Bachir is a Licensed Dietitian in the Lebanese Ministry of Health. She graduated from AUB in 2013 with a Master's degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. Nivine was on the Dean's Honor List at AUB and has a distinction from the Beirut Arab University.
She has developed diet products including her own diet chocolate based on maltitol sugar suitable for diabetics and people with altered metabolic profile.

She was featured in many live talk shows on TV and Radio and has published articles in a number of local and foreign magazine and has submitted a book entitled " Human Genome Project".
In 2013, she won ESPEN fellowship award from Germany-Leipzig for her Master’s thesis as well as AUB Graduate Travel award.
She is currently pursuing her PHD in nutrigenomics abroad.

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