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Applications are open till May 31, 2018
Please tick from the below list all the information that is applicable. This will help us redirect you to the category you are eligible for: Business of the year, Women entrepreneur of the year or Tech Innovation of the Year.
I am the founder of the project, and i am Lebanese.
The applicant represents the Business in the Brilliant Lebanese Awards entire competition (including and not limited to training, coaching, deliberations, TV appearances, social media, press, website and more). The applicant must be the entrepreneur behind the business idea, the main founder, a co-founder or a CEO.
My Business is for-profit and registered in the commercial registry and more than 50% of the shares are Lebanese owned
The business should be designed to generate revenues (Non-profit organizations are not accepted). The business must be mostly owned by Lebanese (more than 50% of shares). Make sure your business is registered in the Lebanese commercial registry before applying.
My Business is operational for more than 2 full years
The business should have been founded at least two (2) years ago as such you must be able to submit a minimum of 2 complete years of financial records.
My Annual Turnover does not exceed 5 million $ per year
This competition is dedicated to empowering small and medium Lebanese businesses accordingly the maximum company turn over should not exceed 5 million dollars per year.
I am a woman and more than 50% of total shares of my company is owned by women.
For the applicant to be eligible for the Woman Entrepreneur of the Year award category the entrepreneur must be a Woman and Total Women Ownership in the company should exceed 50% of the shares
My Business is based on digital and/or innovative technologies as its core business
This includes but is not limited to any Businesses having developed their own IP (Intellectual property), Patent, algorithm and businesses based on new technologies or digital … are eligible to the Tech Innovation of the year category.
In order to be Eligible to the Brilliant Lebanese Awards:
  • You must be the founder of the project & you must be Lebanese.
  • The Business should be for-profit, registered in the commercial registry and more than 50% of the shares must be Lebanese owned.
  • The Business must be operational for more than 2 full years
  • The Businesses’ Annual Turnover must not exceed 5 million $ per year For more info, do not hesitate to contact us. (link to the short contact form).
You can also download the full English/Arabic application here