Business of the Year
Georges El Aily
Woman Entrepreneur of the Year
Nada G
Nada Ghazal
People’s Choice Award
Mohamad Ali Beydoun
Finalists - Business of The Year
L’ART-QUI-TECTE - Mohamad Ali Beydoun
Business of the Year
L'ART-QUI-TECTE is a brand activation agency that strives to bring innovative visions to life. They plan, design, and create all that is required for a brand to succeed – the digital and the physical. They improve established businesses, accelerate start-ups and breed disruptive innovations that create new markets in a competitive world.
Myki - Priscilla Elora Sharuk
Business of the Year
The Myki Password Manager & Authenticator is available for consumers and enterprises; an offline password manager that provides the convenience of a cloud connected one, allowing users to access their online accounts securely and instantaneously through the use of their fingerprint.
Game Cooks - Lebnan Nader
Business of the Year
Game Cooks was founded in 2012 and launched its first award-winning mobile game worldwide Run For Peace that same year. By 2013, it had already done four successful international launches. Today, Game Cooks’ portfolio of mobile game application has grown to include 15 titles that cover arcade, action, and puzzles.
International School of Innovation - Mohamad Watfa
Business of the Year
The International School of Innovation (ISI) infuses the latest innovative technologies with instructional practices to deliver curriculum standards with an advanced focus on innovation and student creativity. Patented technology, including smart shared surfaces, virtual reality, augmented reality and internet of things mobile applications invented by the school founder and principal are utilized to deliver advanced learning objectives. ISI is the stepping stone to change the educational systems in Lebanon and the world.
Frem - David Frem
Business of the Year
Frem Automotive is the leading Lebanese company specialized in car design and manufacturing. The company builds luxury custom limited vehicles and provides expertise in design and engineering service to national and international companies.
Spectronite - Georges El Aily
Business of the Year
Spectronite activity revolves around designing and producing high-capacity, long-range Microwave systems for providing carrier-grade point-to-point IP connectivity. This enables Telecom operators to link base stations back to Network Operation Centers and empowers organizations to build high-throughput networks delivering various services/applications. Furthermore, Spectronite is taking the lead in wireless backhaul innovation by launching its X-Series which breaks the 1Gbps barrier and opens a new era in the 1 to 10Gbps space.
Finalists - Woman Entrepreneur of The Year
Dent De lait - Lamice Joujou
Woman Entrepreneur of the Year
Dent De Lait Eco Children’s and Family center is a child and family centered, learning and entertainment space. This center is designed to educate the children and their families on the importance of environmental awareness and global citizenship.
Appelite - Nivine Bachir
Woman Entrepreneur of the Year
Appelite was founded in 2015 by Dietitian Nivine Bachir, and hosts a clinic and a head kitchen. The head kitchen includes a beautiful dine-in space for a healthy bite, while meeting its main purpose of serving meals for the clinic’s patients with special dietary requirements from simply wanting to be thinner to catering more severe cases such as cancer, diabetes, or other metabolic abnormalities. Appelite also bid and won a project in AUB, where she installed 5 healthy vending machines, offering healthy snack products with a one-day shelf life, a one of a kind concept.
Sabine Mazloum - Sabine Mazloum
Woman Entrepreneur of the Year
Stepping inside the Sabine Mazloum boutique is like slipping into a wonderland of dazzling handmade jewelry, where the finest pearls are combined with the most exclusive stones. Any design the heart desires is crafted into a stunning piece of art that satisfies the most of what aspiration has to challenge.
Les Ateliers de Rififi - Claudine Mohbat
Woman Entrepreneur of the Year
Les Ateliers de Rififi specializes in the creation of luxury children’s occasion wear such as flower girls, bridesmaid, page boys, prom, baptism or first communion. Garments are sewn and hand-embroidered in Lebanon. They are made with the finest silks, satins, laces and cottons embellished with pretty ribbons, feathers, pearls, sequins or crystals.
Nada G – Nada Ghazal
Woman Entrepreneur of the Year
International award winner Nada G™ creates timeless fine jewelry pieces with an edge, that make up an impressive tailor-made and high-end portfolio in 18k gold, adorned with precious and semi-precious stones.
AURA Headpieces - Carolina Chammas
Woman Entrepreneur of the Year
Founded in 2012, AURA Headpieces is a pioneer in the hair accessories sector worldwide, specializing in the handmade design, production and distribution of both customized and ready-to-wear hair accessories. Hand-craft has always been at the heart of what they do. Helping to sustain age-old hand-craft techniques and traditions, their beautiful collections showcase truly wonderful work by skilled craftspeople in Lebanon. Their artisanal couture hair accessories offer a curated selection of modern luxe couture hair accessories catered to women all around the world - for evening wear, special occasions and bridal wear.
Press Release
BLC Bank acknowledges business innovators during its sixth Brilliant Lebanese Awards
Kassar: This sixth edition reflects our continuous commitment to Lebanese entrepreneurs.

Beirut - for the sixth year in a row, BLC Bank reiterated its commitment to supporting pioneer initiatives, especially those brought to life by Lebanese women and small and medium enterprises. To this end, the sixth edition of the Brilliant Lebanese Awards was carried out this Thursday, December 7th, during a gala dinner organized at the Casino du Liban in the presence of high-level invitees from the political, economic, social and media sectors.

In view of the success achieved by this annual event , which is the first of its kind to be organized in Lebanon, Deputy Chairman and General Manager of the Bank Mr. Nadim Kassar announced during his speech the launching of a new category related to e-businesses "due to the important role this sector plays in the Knowledge Economy ". Kassar pointed out that the bank, who is keen on keeping up with all the pioneering work and achievements accomplished in this regard, decided to allow e-entrepreneurs to participate and compete for the annual award, thereby increasing the bank’s chances of honoring the success and contributions of Lebanese men and women from all over the country no matter the domain they excel in. But who’s eligible for this new category? As highlighted by Kassar: "any business activity that is based on digital or innovative technologies”. This includes, but is not limited to, patent and intellectual property owners, and companies that operate using modern technologies.

This year, George El Aily - Spectronite won the Business of the Year category. As for the Woman Entrepreneur of the Year title, it was awarded to Nada Ghazal – Nada G The two winners received a cash prize of $ 30,000 each. The People’s Choice Award went to Mohamad Ali Beydoun – L’Art-Qui-Tecte, who won a $ 5,000 cash prize.

It should be noted that this event requires preparation for almost a year. After receiving all applications, available on BLC Bank's website and at all of its branches, a committee conducts an assessment and selects 12 candidates who make it to the final stage of the competition. The candidates go through a succession of stages, during which they are offered guidance, advice and training. The jury then selects the winners according to the following four criteria: financial performance (30%), creativity (30%), sustainability and scalability (25%), and social responsibility (15%). The jury includes representatives from the Central Bank, Berytech, Endeavor Lebanon, Kafalat, the International Finance Corporation IFC, the Lebanese American University, the Lebanese League for Women in Business LLWB, and BLC Bank, as well as male and female entrepreneurs.

A large number of men and women participated in this year’s edition of the Brilliant Lebanese Awards, out of which 12 candidates were selected for the final stage.
The Brilliant Lebanese Awards are one of the most important services provided by BLC Bank to SMEs and businesswomen. They are part of a 360 degree approach which lies on 4 pillars: financing, advisory, training and exposure.